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How to Send and Save Gifs from Twitter

Send and Save Gifs from Twitter

Animated Gif is a widely shared format on Social Media sites like Twitter. Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A kind of compressed animated file Gifs is a really interesting way to share images and every social media site supports it. If you stumble upon some really interesting Gif and want to download or share […]

How to DM on Twitter

How To DM on Twitter

Direct Messages(DM) in Twitter allows you to contact someone through a private note, this means you can talk to them directly by sending up a message that is not visible to anyone. Similar to tweeting replies where we use @twitterhandle to specially mark a persona and chat openly, DM or direct message is more private. […]

How To Schedule Instagram Posts With Free Tools

how to schedule instagram posts freehow to schedule instagram posts free

On Instagram everyone can plan, organize and manage ther social media through various tools that will not only save their time but allow them to target audience faster. If you are using Instagram a lot and have many followers, then it becomes important to post regularly and provide content to keep the audience engaged. But […]

How to Get Verified On Instagram

how to get verified on instagram

Want to get verified on Instagram? You are in the right place. Getting verified on Instagram is one of the best things you can do with your profile. When your account is verified you will see a blue tick next to your account name, and this is where the trust level goes 100%. Check out […]

How to Download Facebook Videos Fast and Free

how to download facebook videos

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with more than 2 billion active users every month. Facebook is massive and every day millions of people are posting videos on content on it. Sometime. This contains very interesting and you would like to download them. But Facebook does not allow your videos easily. There are many […]

How To Delete Instagram Account & Retrieve Old Account

How to delete Instagram account

Want to know how to delete an Instagram account? Why, because you are fed up with the social platform or unhappy because of bugging users. Thanks to various policies in favor of a User, Social Media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc allows you to delete your account permanently. Consider once before you hit the […]

How To Get Youtube Subscribers Fast

How To Get Youtube Subscribers Fast

Did you just started a new Youtube channel or struggling to get subscribers who can watch and like your video? Do you think your efforts are not reaping the results you want? Well, we can answer your every question from getting Youtube Subscribes to – how to buy genuine Youtube Subscribers, how to buy Youtube […]