How to change Facebook Page Name

change facebook page name

Do you want to change the Facebook page name?

Well, there are some important details you must know before you want to change the Facebook page. Right now it is quite easy and possible to change the fan page and waiting for Facebook to approve it. In this article you are going to learn about how to change the Facebook page name and all related topics associated with Facebook rules on changing the page name, step-by-step method to change the Facebook business page name and the top reason why you must do it now.

Facebook page or in simple words Facebook business Page is created under your profile. It isn’t a kind of brand page, which is used to market your product or service on one of the biggest social media platforms. The Facebook page helps you to connect with your targeted audience keeping your profile aside. Almost every brand has a Facebook page where you can directly comment or ask information about the product or services. If you had selected a Facebook page name, which is not relevant to your business, then it is time to change it and in this guide, you will learn how to change the Facebook page name.

Things you going to learn:

  • A step-by-step method to change the Facebook business page name and how to choose a new name?
  • Various Facebook rules regarding Page name and why your request to change Facebook page name can be rejected?
  • A common reason why not able to change the Facebook page name.
  • A common solution to fix issues with Facebook page name change requests.

How to Change Facebook Page Name?

To modify the Facebook business page name, you will need admin rights if likes are above 200. That means either you have created that Facebook page or if you are managing it will have to ask for complete admin access. Once you have admin rights follow the below steps to change the Facebook business page name.

  1. Login to your Facebook profile. From the left side under shortcuts, you can find the Facebook page or you can directly search it in the Facebook search bar
  2. After landing on the Facebook page, click on the above on the left side of the page.
  3. Next, click on edit next to the Facebook page name.
  4. Now you have to enter the new name you want to change and then click on continue.
  5. The last step is to review your request here. Just click on request change.
  6. Very can limit of 75 characters for the Facebook page name.
  7. Always use a generic word.

change facebook page name

Through these five simple steps, you can simply modify the Facebook page name, anytime you want. Practically, this book does not impose any kind of limitations on changing the Facebook business page name. This is where you can modify it after a frequent interval of time if you think the name that you have selected not applicable. By changing the Facebook page name, you can assure proper branding of your nerves or product or trying to market on the social media platform. Several times there are chances that you might not be able to see the option to change the Facebook page name. For this, you will have to understand the following things.

What to do if I cannot change my Facebook page name?

One of the most common reasons you are unable to see the option to change the Facebook page name is the page role. But by default, if you have created the page through your profile and you are the admin. This means there is another issue that is causing the limitation of changing the Facebook page name. Let’s focus on some of the most common reasons why you cannot change the Facebook page name?

Verify Page Role:

Before you start it is important to verify your page role, which means whether you are the admin or on limited rights. Only admin can modify the Facebook page name a different number of times. You can check this in the page settings.

change facebook page name

Go to page settings & then on the left side look for Page roles. Below are existing page roles that find all posts and have access to the Facebook business page. Here if you’re not having proper rights you cannot change the Facebook business page name and will have to ask the admin to assign you proper role for modifying the page name.

Recent Changes:

You will not be allowed to change the Facebook page name if any other admin has recently changed it. This is where you will have to wait for a few days once you will see the option enabled back again. So if there are any recent changes buy any other domain or buy your self you cannot instantly change the Facebook page name.

Page Unpublished:

If your Facebook page is not active that means if you’re not posting regularly then by default the page will be unpublished. Under these circumstances cannot modify your Facebook page name. You have to publish the feedback again by updating all the details and then you can later change the Facebook page name. So do verify properly that your page is published and it is publicly viewable.

Fake Admins:

Sometime Facebook will not allow doing major changes on the page if the admin account is fake. This means if the admin accounts are not having an authentic profile all major changes will be blocked.

Misleading Name:

According to Facebook policies, significant name changes are only allowed if a fall under proper rules. You have to verify that the page name, you are trying to change is not misleading. Misleading means improper capitalization, abusive text, terms that violates someone’s rights, symbols, and unnecessary punctuation and slogans. These are some of the most common things because of reach your Facebook page name can be rejected.

If everything is perfect, they will not be an issue in changing the Facebook page name. This is the most common things that can cause issues while doing a significant change in your Facebook brand page. If you’re still unable to see the option to edit the Facebook page name, you will have to contact support.

What are the types of Name Changes allowed for Facebook Pages?

Before changing the Facebook page name, it is necessary to learn what kind of changes are allowed. So that you do not face issues in modifying the page name and get what you’re looking for. It is also important to learn what things will block your name change request. A lot of common reasons are mentioned above. But here you can learn them in more detail. This will help you to change your Facebook page name whenever you want.

The most important thing you have to do is to choose a page name that accurately reflects the page. That means if you have a page name of a particular cafe it must reflect the name of that outlet. It becomes easier for Facebook to understand what type of page it is. The same applies to an artist or any business.

The second most important thing to consider is to assign an authorized representative that can manage your page for a brand, plays, organization or public figure. This will save you time but if you are managing the page on your own, then you will be the authorized representative for all changes. Use an authentic profile only. Facebook algorithms can detect spam and there are maximum chances that your page can get blocked or unpublished buy them. To restore the basis that you will need an authentic account. Accounts that belongs to a person or to the owner of that page.

If these two things are fine required with choosing the perfect name for your Facebook fan page. Use only, genuine words, that means a word and tax that properly reflects the business or the product. For example, Pizza. If it is income try to assign an official representative so that they can manage the page on your behalf. Also, create a Facebook page name based on location. For example, New York City Pizza Shop. This is an easy way to tell a little more about your business to the world. Here you are using an exact location, as well as the name of a business. Much major company is always using the name of the location of their brand name. This helps them to manage multiple pages, for example, Corsair Europe or Corsair India. All search terms comes under allowed Facebook business page name policy. So whenever you choosing a proper page name try to focus the requirements of the followers to avoid any kind of rejection.

Can I Merge Two Facebook Pages and Change Facebook Page Name?

Sometimes managing multiple pages is a tiring job. If you had created more than one Facebook page then you can merge them into a single page and modify its name. It is extremely simple to do, but you will need complete admin access of both the Facebook pages to merge them. Below you can learn how to merge to Facebook pages, and then following the steps mentioned in this article, you can modify their main.

  1. Verify that you are admin of both the pages.
  2. Verify whether both the pages have similar names and we are representing the same thing.
  3. If the pages have addresses verify both have the same physical locations.
  4. Go to
  5. From here select the two Pages you want to merge and then click on continue.
  6. Click on Request Merge.

In this way, you can easily merge to Facebook pages and later you can simply modify their Facebook page name, compiling two of them into a single page. Through this method, you can re-use any page, which is no longer required. When you combine two Facebook pages through the merge page request all posts, photos, reviews, ratings, and usernames will be deleted from the page you much. The first page you have selected will have all the data intact. So always try to merge the pages, which is no longer in use. It is better than deleting them. Within the simple request, you can merge multiple pages any number of times you want and later you can change the Facebook Page name to make it more accurate different in your business or product.

It happens sometimes you are completely not allowed to change the username for some reason. All those things are mentioned in this article, and you can also visit Facebook to learn more about the name policies. Facebook will block text which is not allowed. So you have to verify everything over before you go with a final name.

How often can I change the Facebook page name?

You are permitted to change the Facebook page name once every seven days. After changing the name, you will have to wait for 7 days for Facebook to review and approve the change request. If there is any issue, you will get a notification and if the changes approved you will see it. Once you change the name of your Facebook page and you have something else in your mind wait for next week at least for a new change. Below are some possible fixes. If you’re unable to see options to change the Facebook page name.

The first thing you have to do is to wait for at least 1 to 2 weeks. If you had or if you are running a Facebook ad in you can connect with on Facebook representative and ask for help. You can also try changing the Facebook category and then wait for page name change request. Everything must align well to get a perfect page name and once it changes you don’t have two modified again and again.

Sometimes the Facebook pages flagged for certain reasons. It can be the post content or incomplete profile. This is where it tough and you have to contact Facebook for this. Facebook due to suspicious activity anytime Facebook district your page from doing major changes. These are page limitations that will lock major significant and there is no time frame when it will be lifted. For this contacting and TikTok Facebook is the only option left.

You have two go to the Help Centre and click on report an issue with Facebook pages. There you will see a simple form, where you have to provide the page URL and a detailed description of your issue. You can also upload a file if you want. This is where the request will go directly to Facebook and they will review it. But there is no time at surety of the request completion. You want to send a manual request – Click and fill this form.

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