How To Delete Instagram Account & Retrieve Old Account

How to delete Instagram account

Want to know how to delete an Instagram account? Why, because you are fed up with the social platform or unhappy because of bugging users. Thanks to various policies in favor of a User, Social Media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc allows you to delete your account permanently. Consider once before you hit the delete Instagram account button, there is no solution to restore it.

Here you will learn everything about deleting Instagram Account, Retrieving deleted Instagram Account, how to temporarily disable the Instagram account, how to download Instagram Data, etc.

A break from Social Media is indispensable, because of different sites every day we are flooded with unwanted information. It is hard to ignore the notifications coming from an online friend or updates from pages, celebrities you follow. So what is the best way? Deleting the account or taking a break by temporarily disabling it?

Instagram allows a user to temporarily disable his/her account. This is the safest way to retrieve a deleted Instagram account. Technically the account is not deleted but disabled and no activity is allowed. After some time if you are positive to get back onboard just restore the deleted Instagram account with simple steps shared below. Remember restoring your Instagram Account is only possible if you are hot permanently deleted it, there is a big difference between temporarily disabling Instagram and permanently deleting it. Settings for both is different.

How To Delete Instagram Account

Deleting Instagram account means deleting all profile photos, videos, comments, and likes. Your followers will be removed permanently. Consider disabling the account if there is no big reason to delete Instagram Account, skips this section and read 5). How To Temporarily Disable Instagram Account.

Warning: You Cannot Restore Permanently Deleted Instagram Account. Please go with Temporarily Disable Instagram Account section if you are not serious about deleting your account.

To permanently delete your Instagram Account follow the below steps:

instagram account

Log in to your Instagram Account from a web browser on a PC. You will see a similar login screen, type your username, password and click on Log In. If you don’t remember click Forgot Password link to reset the password.

delete instagram account

After login in your Instagram Account click this link to visit Delete Instagram Account Page. Open the link in the same web browser where you had logged in. You will see a message about Delete Your Account. Verify your User Name first, and then pick a reason to delete your Instagram Account.

delete instagram account

From multiple different reasons pick one and then Enter your current Instagram Account password. Click on the red button Permanently Delete My Account.

That’s it, your Instagram account is deleted, all profile photos, videos, comments, and likes will be removed. Remember there is no way to retrieve or restore a permanently deleted account.

How To Retrieve Deleted Instagram Account or How To Restore Deleted Instagram Account?

Recovering “Instagram Permanently Deleted Account” is not possible, you had selected this option and there is no way to restore it. If you had selected the options “Temporarily Disable My Instagram Account” then there are 100% chances to retrieve deleted Instagram Account. Whenever you pick the step to delete the account for some reasons try to Download Instagram Data. It will help you to review your activities, you can have a backup of all your photos, etc.

Deleting Instagram Account is a one-way road, the first section above explains the pros and cons of what happens if you permanently delete your Instagram Account. If you had finally decided to stop all your Instagram activities or want a new beginning then follow the first section to find How to delete an Instagram account.

Otherwise, there is a safer way always if you are unsure about permanently deleting everything. Refer to topic 5). How To Temporarily Disable Instagram Account.

Can I Use The Old Username To Create A New Instagram Account?

use old user name instagram

Yes, after deleting your account permanently you can still use your Old Instagram Username once again to create a brand new Instagram account. But using the Old Instagram Username after deleting Instagram Account will not restore your old Instagram Data, it will be a fresh start. Permanent deleting of Instagram Account means you will lose all profile photos, videos, comments, and likes. Your followers will be removed. It is best to start fresh with the same Instagram User account helping those who already know you. You can instantly follow them or request to follow your account.

How To Delete Instagram Account From Instagram App?

delete instagram from app

Instagram does not allow to delete Instagram Account from the Instagram App. You will need a PC, a Web Browser and an active Internet connection to delete your Instagram account. But there is a way in Android Smartphone. You can still delete your Instagram from your Mobile but not through the Instagram App but a web browser like Google Chrome.

Steps to delete Instagram Account on Android Mobile

  1. Launch a web browser like Google Chrome in your Android device.
  2. Next, to the address bar, there are three vertical dots, tap on them and scroll down to add a tick on Desktop Site.
  3. Open, and sign-in with your Instagram User ID & Password.
  4. Next, open the following link Permanently Delete Instagram Account
  5. Verify your account name on the top right, pick the reason to delete and press the red button – Permanently Delete My Account.

You have to do everything in Google Chrome using the “Desktop Site” settings, you can delete your Instagram account permanently.

How To Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

This is the safest way to get a break from Instagram, you can disable your account for a short period instead of permanently deleting it. Disabling the account gives you the power to restore everything as it was before. Here you are not burning your ships, there is still an escape point. Below you can learn the exact steps to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account and the second section just below will show you settings to enable the Instagram account back.

You cannot Disable or Delete an Instagram Account through the Mobile App, you will need a browser for this. You can either use a Mobile Web Browser like Google Chrome or follow the steps on a PC.

Go to, open the site in the web browser and login using your username and password.

disable instagram account

Click on the tiny profile icon on the top right of the screen to access Profile Settings.

disable instagram account

Click on Edit Profile and go down to the end of Edit Profile Section. Next, to the Submit button, you will find options Temporarily Disable My Account.

disable instagram account

After clicking on the button Temporarily disable my account you have to provide a necessary reason and retype your Instagram Password.

disable instagram account

Select a reason for Why are you disabling your account and then type the password. The Temporarily Disable Account button will activate, click on it and disable your Instagram Account. Disabling Instagram Account is safer compared to Deleting Instagram Account, you can only disable your account one per week. Disabling the account will all your photos, comments and likes will be hidden, you have to reactivate your account back again to restore everything.

How To Enable Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

restore disable instagram account

Restoring your Instagram account after temporarily disabling will take two to three days. You can enable the account form App from the web browser by directly visiting Just log in and you will see a message that your Instagram account is temporarily disabled. Tap on “Learn More” and you have to visit ” My Instagram account has been deactivated” page in the help center to appeal the decision. You will see a form similar to one in the image above Fill your Full Name, Instagram User Name, Email Address, and Mobile Number. In the appeal box type the details that you had disabled the account to for some personal reasons and click on Send. You will receive an Email from Instagram Team, with instructions to restore the account.

Requirements to restore temporarily disabled Instagram Account:

  1. A photo of yours holding a clean sheet of paper, write the code you receive in your mail, full name and Instagram username on it.
  2. Save the file as JPEG.
  3. Login to your email account and open the Email from Instagram Team, click Reply and attach the photo.

restore disable instagram account mail

You will have to wait for a few days for the Instagram Team to verify your details, remember to use a high-quality photo. If it fails to match with your account it cannot be activated. S this is a crucial step to restore your Temporarily disabled Instagram account. Use the latest photo with a white paper and write down all the details asked in the mail. Send it to Instagram and wait for two to three days. You will also receive a confirmation email that your account is restored. You can log in back after that with the same username and password.

How To Access & Review Instagram Data

Before permanently delete your data, or want to temporarily disable Instagram account always have a look on your Account data. Instagram allows you to Access and Review account data, you can check each detail about your Instagram account through website on a PC or Instagram Mobile App on Android or iOS.

instagram access account data

To Access Data on PC:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on the Settings icon next to Edit Profile button and click on Privacy and Security.
  3. Scroll down to Account Data and click on View Account Data.

You can check a lot of things here, like what it is the last time you changed the password. List of account following you, blocked accounts, logins details, stories, profile details and lot more. The same is accessible on the Mobile phone also. Follow the below steps.

  1. Launch Instagram App and tap on the top right corner to open the Settings Menu.
  2. Tap on Settings at the bottom and then go in Security.
  3. Tap on Access Data and you can see all the list of important info about your account.

instagram app access data

You can download everything before permanently deleting your account for a future reference. This Instagram account data is very important for personal and business usage. If you have a popular account then you can keep it as a way of connecting with your audience once again after creating a new account.

How To Download Your Instagram Data

To download in the same section Privacy and Security you can scroll down to find option Data Download and click Request Download. Confirm your email ID and click on Next. Instagram will take around 48 hours to deliver all the data about your account. This can be used for future reference, highly popular accounts. Because it gives you the list of followers and a lot of other important details along with your pictures and comments.

Tips if you are Starting New Instagram Account

  1. If you are sure enough to delete your account and start a new then you can learn a lot of things from your previous account. For example, if you don’t want everyone to see your photos keep your account private. Your photos will be visible only if you allow others to follow. This is the best way to keep your account safe and secure.
  2. Also if you are getting overwhelmed with too much notification or competition you can take a simple break. Instead of disabling your account log-out and relax. Return after a few days. Always plan a schedule to monitor social media. It is a highly addictive and influential platform.
  3. Don’t let it consume your whole life. Likes, Comments are virtual Social Proof and it does not matter unless you are a celebrity or a brand. It is ok not to have a million followers and to have a few hundred good friends and families.
  4. Social Media is the fastest and best way to stay connected with friends and families. You can share what is happening in your life and update them regularly, but it can get frustrating fast. For regular users Social Media is best when used in a restricted environment, it won’t hamper your productivity.

Now you how to delete and retrieve the Instagram account, use the steps above if you find too overwhelming and need a break. Taking a break from non-stop social media is always refreshing. If you are too frustrated just disable your account for some days. There is no way going back, so anyhow you get a couple of days non-stop break from Instagram.

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