How to DM on Twitter

How To DM on Twitter

Direct Messages(DM) in Twitter allows you to contact someone through a private note, this means you can talk to them directly by sending up a message that is not visible to anyone. Similar to tweeting replies where we use @twitterhandle to specially mark a persona and chat openly, DM or direct message is more private. If you do not know how to DM on Twitter then this article is for you. While twitting reply you can use around 140 characters and everyone can see your reply. But when you send a Direct Message to any Twitter user it is only visible to you and the receiver.

Direct Messages or DM on Twitter is more for personal communication and allow you to talk to other users. But there is a limitation. You cannot send DM to anyone, you can Direct Message to only those users who are following you. This is a Twitter strategy to cut down spam, because if DM is allowed to any user on the social platform then there will be a ton of unwanted messages coming up from strangers. So let’s begin and find out how to send dm on Twitter?

How to send DM (Direct Message) on Twitter?

On Twitter, you can send a DM and start a conversation with the user. You can send a DM to any user account you are following and continue talking in the form of chat. All your messages will be stored in the message section of Twitter.

Login to Twitter and look on the left side for Messages.

How To DM on Twitter

Click on that and a new window will open up where you can start talking to any user you are following. Click on Start Conversation and then search for the Twitter handle.

How To DM on Twitter

You can scan through the list of available Twitter IDs to whom you can drop a Direct Message.

How To DM on Twitter

You can add multiple users and drop the same message to all. Just select them and type the message you want to share. This will be available in the form of chart conversation you can view anytime. When the user replies you will get a notification. Now you know how to send DM on Twitter, there are few more things you must know to start a conversation on Twitter using the Direct Message feature.

How to delete DM (Direct Message) on Twitter?

  • To delete a Direct Message, click on the message and Delete.
  • To leave the conversation, select the conversation and open it. Then click the information icon, and select Leave conversation.

How to Manage DM (Direct Message) on Twitter?

You can manage your conversation on your laptop or pc directly through Twitter. Managing your conversation means you can do a lot with the chat by editing its profile photo, changing admins, etc. here is what all you can do.

  • Select the Group Conversation you had started and then tap on Information Icon to enter the conversation settings.
  • From the Group info page, go to More icon and then go to the Drop-down menu from where you can change settings like Edit group name, Upload new photo, View photo, or Remove photo.
  • There is a notification section from where you can mute notification for 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 week, or Forever.
  • From the same section, you can also report a group conversation if you find it improper or if you want to exit then you can tap on Leave conversation.

How to Search DM (Direct Message) on Twitter?

Sometimes there are too many messages and it is hard to find if you are looking for some relevant information. You can simply search your Direct Message in the inbox and you can do that on your mobile also or directly on For this, you have to search the username of the person you chat with. On the top of the inbox in the search bar, just search for the user name and you will see all your chats associated with the person.

How to send DM (Direct Message) on Twitter for iPhone?

  • Tap on the envelope icon on a Twitter app on your iOS device like iPhone or iPad.
  • Next tap on the Message icon to create a new message.
  • Enter single or multiple twitter username to send a direct message in the address box. You can send a single message to max 50 twitter users at one time.
  • Type your message. You can add a photo, video, or GIF with your Direct Message.
  • From the Compose Bar, tap on the + icon to add a photo, video or gif file.

You can edit your photo before sending your direct message on twitter. To turn on the editing, tap on the photo while attaching and you can modify it with options like enhance, crop, and add filters. Tap on Save once you are done editing the app.

For GIF files you can tap on Gif and search for a relevant Gif or pick one from the media library. That’s it your message is now ready, to send tap on the paper airplane icon. This is how you can send DM on iPhone.

How to delete DM (Direct Message) on Twitter for iPhone?

You can delete the message if you do not need them, to do that go to the Message section on the twitter app. Just tap on and hold the message to see the Delete message option that pops up after a few seconds. This is to delete a single message of the conversation, but if you want to delete the entire conversation then you have to select it and then swipe to the left. Then tap on the trash icon and you can remove the entire conversation by tapping the information icon Delete.

Once you delete the entire conversation or a message from your Twitter account this does not means it will be removed from those whom you had sent the message. It will remain available to those users. So when you delete a message or conversation you are only deleting it for yourself.

How to Manage Group Conversation on Twitter for iPhone?

You can manage the entire Group Conversation through your iPhone device and carry out a basic task like update Group profile photo, name, etc.

  1. Select the Conversation and tap on Edit. Change profile photo and name from here. To change Photo tap the camera icon in the photo to Choose from the library or you can click a new photo. Tap on save to update.
  2. To add a member tap on Add members, you can add a new user to the conversation.
  3. To mute a conversation, drag the slider next to Mute conversation. You can mute notification for an hour, 8 hours, a week or forever. To enable notification back, just drag the slider back.
  4. If you want to report groups then tap on Report conversation and if you want to leave or remove yourself from the same then tap on Leave conversation.

How to send DM (Direct Message) on Twitter for Android Smartphone?

  • Launch the Twitter android app and then tap on the envelope icon to open Direct Messages.
  • Tap on the message icon and create a new message.
  • In the address box type the name of username, Twitter allows you to add up to 50 people on a single Direct Message.
  • Type your message and you can add text, photo, video, or GIF.
  • For adding photos or videos, tap the Plus icon and navigate the photo through the gallery app.
  • Tap on send icon to send the message.

How to delete DM (Direct Message) on Twitter for Android Smartphone?

From the Twitter android app, you can also remove direct messages similar to iOS App. For this, you have to do the following.

  • Tap and hold the message for some seconds. This will reveal the Delete message menu.
  • You can also remove the entire conversation from your inbox, for that tap and hold the conversation till you see the Delete conversation message. By doing this you can remove the entire conversation by, there is also one more way to remove the complete conversation. Just tap on the information icon and choose Delete conversation from the Conversation info page.

A deleted message will be still present receivers account, it will be only wiped out form your.

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How to Manage Group Conversation on Twitter for Android Smartphone?

To manage Group conversation follow the below steps:

  • Tap on the Profile photo of Group conversation to view the list of participants in the chat.
  • Tap on the information icon to view the settings page from where you can update a lot of things. Like you can edit group conversation profile photo and name. Tap the camera icon to change the photos, you can pick one from the gallery.
  • To add any new member to the conversation, or if you want to add a default admin, you have to go to the same Conversation settings second.
  • You can also mute conversation from here, by turning off notification for 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 week, or Forever.
  • You can also mute mentions if you do not want to get notified by other users. Through the same settings, you can enable mute mentions and you won’t be bothered anymore.
  • You can report the group through the same section by tapping on Report conversation or you can leave it by tapping on Leave conversation

How to turn off (DM) Direct Message Receipts on Twitter?

In a conversation when Show Read Receipts are on everyone will know that you had seen the message. And if you fail to reply then it can be put a bad impression. You can turn this off to avoiding any kind of privacy issue in a group message. By default Read Receipts for Direct Message are turned on, here how you can turn them off.

How to turn off DM read Receipts on iOS or Android devices

  1. Go to and then click on More icon.
  2. Go to Privacy and safety.
  3. Look for Show Read Receipts and then click on the box to Turn off the feature. Use the same settings to turn it on back again, below are settings to do the same on a Smartphone.

How to turn off DM read Receipts on iOS or Android devices

  1. On Twitter App tap on the Profile Icon.
  2. Go to Settings and privacy
  3. Tap on Privacy and safety
  4. Under Direct Messages look for Show read receipts
  5. Drag the slider to turn off the feature off

How to receive (DM) Direct Message using SMS?

If Direct Messages are very important for you then you can also receive them on through SMS on your mobile phone. Twitter allows you this option, for this, you have to connect your mobile phone to your Twitter profile. With this, you can send and receive Direct Messages via SMS.

  • If you had not added your Phone number then go to your Profile, Settings, and privacy
  • Go to Mobile and select your country/region from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Phone number without country code, and then click on Continue.
  • You will receive a verification code SMS. Add that and then click on Activate phone.

So now you can manage Direct Messages on Twitter far more easily, you can know to delete DM on through simple steps shown in this article. You can also easily manage the entire group conversation by modifying its profile photo giving it a unique look and adding or remove admins. If you are part of the conversation you can mute it so that it does not bug you.

DM or Direct Message is a good way to chat with Twitter users. You can create your group through Conversations and start chatting on common topics. In this way, you can stay more connected and get updates regularly. Twitter DM is a highly useful feature and easy to manage. Also, Twitter allows you complete control over managing Direct Messages, it is easy to delete them through PC or mobile devices, plus you can also choose to exit a conversation if you no longer find it interesting.

All your history remains stored by default, you can wipe out the conversation and start a new one. Remember you can also send Direct Message or add a user to the conversation if through Security and Privacy settings option “Receive Message from Anyone” under Direct Message is enabled. The same works for your profile also, so do verify the settings once.

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