How to Download Facebook Videos Fast and Free

how to download facebook videos

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with more than 2 billion active users every month. Facebook is massive and every day millions of people are posting videos on content on it. Sometime. This contains very interesting and you would like to download them. But Facebook does not allow your videos easily. There are many ways to download Facebook videos and increase article on going to share top methods to download Facebook videos instantly on your PC or your mobile.

To save your time and effort, we are providing you top three methods to Download Facebook Videos on PC or a Smartphone. You can also use a Google Chrome extension to instantly download Facebook video on a PC or a laptop. The extension is simple to use and offers you HD and Normal quality Video file in MP4 format. Some of the services that we had mentioned below also allow you to download an Audio version of Facebook Video. Using the platform you can convert a Facebook Video to MP3 audio file
instantly. Ideal for listening to some important lecture or training video instantly you can just convert a whole video to an audio file format.

The benefit to download Facebook videos is you can easily share them with your friends or family through different platforms like WhatsApp, email, file sharing, etc. if you’re struggling to download Facebook videos then you are in the right place. Because here you will learn the top matters to download the videos on a mobile phone. As well as on a PC without installing any third party or additional software or app. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a few steps you can follow to download Facebook videos.

How to download Facebook videos on a PC or laptop – Web browser method

There are a lot of websites like,,, etc that can help you to download any Facebook video instantly. All you have to do is to get the Facebook video URL and copied in the video URL box. It is very fast, very easy to download Facebook videos on PC using a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Below is a step-by-step method to download Facebook videos on a PC without installing any software. Every day many new sites are coming up that can help you to download videos from different social media platforms, but the one that we mentioned below are best for using Facebook.

download facebook videos

  1. Go to Facebook and Right Click on the video you want to download. Click on Show Video URL.  The video URL is the most necessary thing required to download Facebook Videos, without this it is not possible to save the video file.

download facebook videos

2. You will see an exact Video URL that is extremely important to download Facebook Videos on PC or Laptop using a Google Chrome. Copy the video URL and follow the next step.

download facebook videos

3. Go to or If you search on Google, Download Facebook Videos you will see tons of solutions, pick the top ones or use our suggestions. After pasting the URL in the Video URL Box click on Download Button.

The video will be saved on your PC, remember services like SmallSEOTools, or GedfVID will not work if you the Video is not Public. You will get an Error if the Video is marked as Private. Only Public Facebook Videos can be downloaded through such services. This is the fastest way to download Facebook Videos on Android, iOS Mobile Phone or a Windows PC using a simple web browser. There is no need to install any software or app. Visit the site and copy/paste the video URL in the box.

How to download Facebook videos on an Android Mobile or iPhone or iPad

The method to download Facebook videos easily on an android mobile phone or iPhone is extremely simple because you’re going to use the same websites which are mentioned above. There is no need to add any kind of third-party android app or iOS App to download Facebook videos on mobile. This is because when you use such apps they can install unnecessary Ad-Aware. It is best to avoid free apps that guarantee Facebook video download for free. The benefit of using an online Facebook download service is it just have to copy-paste the URL. Below is a step by step method to download Facebook Video on an Android Mobile Phone or an iPhone device.

The condition of downloading Facebook Videos on a mobile phone is the same, you can only download those videos which are marked as Public, or else there will be an error. To download Facebook Video on a Smartphone you will need an internet connection, a web browser, and the Facebook Video URL. Here we will show how to find Facebook Video URL on a mobile device and then use that URL to download Facebook Videos instantly.

download facebook videos

Launch Facebook App on your Smartphone, and play the video. It will start in full screen, tap below to see the Share Button. Tap on it and then tap on that and tap on Copy Link.

download facebook videos

Launch Google Chrome or any web browser in your Smartphone and visit, or In our case, we used getfvid. Copy-paste the video URL in the Video URL box and tap on Download button. Getfvid gives you three options to download the video, first an HD Quality, second a Normal Quality and an MP3 or Audio version of the video. Pick the one you need and download FB video on Android Smartphone instantly.

After selecting the option the download will be, and you can now instantly share this video with anyone who is not having a Facebook account. Remember only those video are available which are marked a public, any video requires Facebook Account to view cannot be downloaded.

In this way, you can download FB videos on Android and iPhone easily, while on PC it is extremely simple. With the help of various online service, you can instantly download any Facebook Video.

How to download Facebook videos Using Google Chrome Extension

To save your time you can also use a Google Chrome extension by Getfvid or any other online downloader to instantly grab a video on Facebook and download it. There are also dedicated Android apps, but we will advise you to use the browser method only on Smartphone because of unnecessary advertisements. Thousands of free apps on Android will flood your phone with pop-ups. Download Facebook Video through a web browser is fast and safer.

download facebook videos

For PC there is another way to download Facebook Video and that is by using a simple Google Chrome extension. But do not blindly use free extensions use only the best rated one. We can recommend you to use a Chrome extension by, install Video Downloader PLUS from Chrome App Store.

download facebook videos

After adding it in the Chrome browser it will appear on the top right, click on it and you will see the Videos in it. This extension also provides you multiple choices to download in SD or HD format. Just click on one and it will take you to page to get the final video.

download facebook videos

After clicking on an option from the extension you will land on, from there right click on Download Your Video and choose Save Link As. The video will be saved in MP4 format.

The same works work on mobile phone also, you have to visit and provide the URL. Then tap on the download your video and save it. You can use a File Manager to navigate to the download folder to check the video or to share it on other platforms. Facebook allows you an instant way to share videos with others, that is by providing a link. With it you don’t need to download Facebook videos, the link will launch Facebook App if it is already installed in a users mobile. Or else it will launch the video in a browser so it is also a way to share FB videos with others.

So these are the top three ways to download Facebook Videos easily, you can pick the platform of your choice. Whether it is your PC or Smartphone you can select the right method to download FB videos quiet instantly. The best thing there is no need to install anything unless you are selecting the third options to choose a Google Chrome Extension. The extension stays permanently on your web browser and it allows you to instantly download files and save.

You can still remove it and use any other if you don’t like the UI or features. There are many extensions available Chrome Web store that will help you to download Facebook Videos and also many online videos instantly. For PC using the extension is simple and fast, and if it supports additional platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, etc then one single extension can help you to download all types of Videos without looking for a different solution. is a widely used platform to download Facebook Videos, it gives you the video file instantly. Using the browser method is simple because you just have to visit the website and paste the video URL. There are many other ways to download Facebook video a few of them we are listing below to help you more. These methods require the installation of apps and other tools, so pick on your own choice. In case you are frequent downloader who regularly download videos from Facebook then these tools will help you a lot. But a PC is required for this and more an app is needed. The app will still ask you to provide the
video URL.

Similar to many online services can help you to download Facebook videos instantly. Each of them needs the Video URL, without which download Facebook Video is not possible. Facebook App on Android and iOS do allow you to download a few FB videos, and you can also save the video to view later. Just tap on the three dots on the top right of the video and select Save Video. One of the best ways to download Facebook Video without using any tool or online service is by using the Facebook App. But as I mentioned, Facebook App also allows you to download videos but only a few of them. Videos which has download enabled by the original uploader. This process works and the video is saved in Facebook App for offline viewing, so if you want, you can use it or else go with the above top three methods to download Facebook Videos instantly.

Download Facebook Videos in Facebook App for Offline Viewing:

  1. Launch the Facebook App and play the video. Tap on the tree icon on the top right side that will launch Menu.
  2. Select Download Video and you can view the current progress.

Remember this video will only be available for Offline viewing and it will not be visible in the Gallery of your Smartphone. This is where the feature is not that helpful because it does not give you an option to share the files with others on different platforms. For Android, there are tons of options to download Facebook videos because of free apps. There are some important points to consider before you use such apps.

  1. Checkout the permission the app requires for installation.
  2. Does it need access to your Facebook Profile directly then avoid using it?
  3. Every app usually requires a Video URL to download, but if any app asks for Login Details do not provide it.
  4. Same applies to online Facebook Video Download sites, do not provide any of your login details for security.


According to our test online sites works perfectly to download Facebook Videos, they are fast and easy. All you have to do is get the Video URL to download Facebook Videos, or else it is not possible. Many users who upload original content will keep the video public, these videos can be downloaded and shared. But do not download videos from anyone personal profile, it is a breach of privacy. So use these platforms wisely and pick the best videos you want to save to view later or to share with your friends. You can also buy facebook video views from your boost social services.

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