How to Get Verified On Instagram

how to get verified on instagram

Want to get verified on Instagram? You are in the right place. Getting verified on Instagram is one of the best things you can do with your profile. When your account is verified you will see a blue tick next to your account name, and this is where the trust level goes 100%. Check out all brands and celebrities profile on Instagram and you will see the blue tick that indicates it is the official account of the person. Without getting verified on Instagram it is tough to convince users that whatever content you are sharing has something to consider. The blue check plays a big role and almost every social media website follows this procedure.

If you had not yet verified on Instagram then today you can learn the process. It is a manual process and takes time, but you can start with the initial process to get verified on Instagram. But before we begin you can read all the sections to understand how Instagram verification works and why it is important to get verified on Instagram.

What Is an Instagram Verified Badge?

A verified badge appears next to Instagram Accounts Name in Search and on the profile. Whenever someone searches your name you will see the verified badge that indicates the account belongs to an authentic person or company. Instagram is a massive social media platform with over a billion users, it is easy for anyone to create a fake account. Verified badges prove 100% Authenticity of the original user and also help his/her followers to follow only the genuine account. So having a verified badge on your Instagram profile is highly important today.

To get verified on Instagram means to become the original account which unique in the entire world. There cannot be two verified accounts of the same person or brand page on Instagram. When you get verified on Instagram you can help your users to locate your original account and get updates only from you, they can happily ignore fake accounts.

Why is it Important to Get Verified On Instagram?

Instagram Verification consists of different steps it is easy but time-consuming. There are two straight forward was to get your Instagram account verified. First, you can get verified with a manual process as mentioned below and wait for Instagram to complete the process and second focus on increasing the number of followers on your account. This will speed up the Instagram verification process, with a very high number of followers it becomes easier to get the Instagram verified badge on your profile. Here Instagram knows the importance of a genuine account and the team will speed up the Instagram verification which usually takes weeks to complete.

To get verified on Instagram is important today because only verified accounts are trusted the most especially when you are a Brand, Company, Public Figure, etc. It gives your profile an exclusive look and also helps your new followers to follow the right account. Otherwise, it is easy to fake anyone’s account on Instagram, verified badge ads brand value to your business and it will help you to grow more on Instagram. Your targeted audience also knows that they are following the correct profile instead of following imposters. You can prevent brand identity theft by getting your account verified on Instagram.

How to Get Verified On Instagram?

You can get verified on Instagram through the Instagram App directly. There is no third party service for this, remember it is done officially by Instagram. For this enter the settings by tapping on three lines on the top right side. Go to Settings > Account > Account Verification. This is where you can get verified on Instagram.

After reaching the Account Verification page enter Full Name, and provide the required documents for verification. The process to get verified on Instagram is extremely simple, but it will take time. Because the process is manual, you will have to wait for the Instagram team to complete the verification.

How to Grow Instagram Followers to get your account verified?

This will be a common question in your mind because accounts with very high followers get verified fast while accounts that are new and not having enough followers might take weeks or months to get the blue badge. So the first thing you can focus on is getting a higher number of Instagram followers to get a verified account. As usual accounts with high followers are always kept on priority compared to accounts that are new and have limited people.

For example, you are a Fashion Blogger or an Influencer; you can use various other social media channels to get new Instagram followers. This will help you in the process of getting your Instagram account verified fast. You can call up your existing user to follow your account on Instagram and build a new audience base. By default, this process will help you to get your Instagram account verified a lot faster. Below are some steps that can help you in getting your Instagram account verified instantly.

Link Existing Social Media Accounts:

You can link your existing social media accounts to your Instagram profile and get an edge in the verification process. It will save a lot of time to verify your details and your Instagram account will be verified instantly. For example, if you are having a high amount of followers on Facebook then you can link it to your Instagram Profile.

Post Regularly:

Try to post regularly on your Instagram account to maintain freshness, remember this must be regular. It will help you to get new Instagram followers as well will help a little bit in the verification process. Being active on the Instagram account is very important after having a high number of followers. Complete your profile by adding all the details and a full bio.

Be Responsive:

You must respond to your followers quickly and fast, it will give you an image of the responsive user. Always be active if someone asks something, Instagram is an amazing platform to get connected with thousands of users online, and to some extent it possible to respond to users who are trying to communicate with you.

Use other Social Media Platforms:

If you are having other social media accounts also try to market your current Instagram profile on other accounts. It will help you to get more attention and grab some fresh users from a different region. It is the best way to get connected with new followers.
After doing all the stuff mentioned above getting verified on Instagram will be a lot easier, so if you are finding hard to get your account verified on Instagram then the first thing you have to do is to increase your follower count. Then you can proceed with the next steps to go for account verification.

Pro tips to reach 200k subscribers

The tips here work for a new user who ideally wants to grow fast on Instagram and unable to get enough attention. Getting a few hundred followers will be simple enough, but when it comes to a target of crossing some 100k subscribers then it is hard work. But do not worry if you have that number of followers on Instagram it will be a lot easier to get your Instagram account verified. The blue badge will be tough to get if follower count is low and there will be another big issue to get new users to trust if Instagram verification is missing.

So here you can check out some of the top tips to grab a few hundred thousand followers easily but it is a time-consuming process. It will not occur overnight, and you have to maintain a theme to post content regularly along with staying responsive.

Consistent Content + Drive Engagement:

Depending on your niche it is necessary to be consistent with posting. Instagram gets a million posts every day, outnumbering all of them is not possible. But you can be consistent in posting content and focus on driving engagement. This is only possible is the content is interesting enough. Plus you have to actively respond to users query if there is any. This will boost engagement ratio providing you further help in getting your account verified on Instagram. There are a ton of tools online and offline that can help you to plan out your content strategy for Instagram to drive engagement. All your hard work will not reap benefits if Content is not driving users towards you.

Maintain a Schedule, Do not SPAM!

Always be consistent but not desperate to post content. Consistency is a key to grab attention, if you are not having a decent strategy it will be tough for you to maintain the user engagement ratio. Your existing users will know when you are providing fresh content, plus if it is engaging enough it will make the user share with friends and families. This is where you will play the big game, you have to create a calendar that will help you to understand what to target and when to target. In this way, you will notice the graph rising slowly and within a short period will grab a target of a hundred thousand visitors instantly. This is one of the best ways to get your Instagram account verified.

Game of #hashtags

Do not worry about the stats that Instagram has a million posts updated every day, it does not matter enough if you can play with the hashtags. It is one of the best ways to reach your potential audience fast and easy without worrying about the current competition. Using the right hashtags is also important in the process of getting your account verified. Because it will boost your user followings and that by default will guide you to simply get your account verified at Instagram. As per a study, around 25 to 30 hashtags must be used in a post to get high reach among various other users.

WTH is Geotag?

A lot of Instagram users do not focus a lot on using Geotags, well if you want to get popular in a region then Geotag is something that can help you to reach the target audience. Let’s say you are a coffee shop and grab the attention of users in the region, then make a meme or a quote or something funny about copy, facts, etc. And post it along with using Geotags and the right hashtags. There is no way your post will not reach your potential audience.

Is Watermark Important or waste of time and energy?

Well, in simple words it is important. If you are driving engagement and followers count is increasing more and more users will automatically share your content with different users. If your post image, or a meme or something is shared use watermarks to attract them. Otherwise, no one in the world will know who made the content. So here watermark is an important marketing tool, necessary to capture attention. Sometime after seeing an engaging image, a user wants to see more, how did he/she can find your Instagram profile?

Tagging is No Bugging?

To grow a good number of followers on your Instagram account there is one swift way, but this can work and cannot work well it relies on response. Scan through Instagram and make a list of existing Instagram accounts. Tag them in your post that is relevant to your content and there are max chances your post can be re-posted or re-shared multiple times. It is easy to locate Instagram profiles with relevant interest, for example, a Fashion Blogger can tag Fashion Influencers, and so on.

By following the above steps you can surely get your Instagram account verified. So you can either go with a method to apply for Instagram verification and wait for the approval or you can approach when you are having a few hundred thousand followers which will make all the process very fast.

Instagram will ask for documentation, a valid ID proof that will authenticate the account belongs to you. It is necessary to have a full bio ready, do not miss any information in it. The complete bio will also help users to know more about you.

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