How To Schedule Instagram Posts With Free Tools

how to schedule instagram posts freehow to schedule instagram posts free

On Instagram everyone can plan, organize and manage ther social media through various tools that will not only save their time but allow them to target audience faster. If you are using Instagram a lot and have many followers, then it becomes important to post regularly and provide content to keep the audience engaged. But it is not possible to do this all the time, depending on your availability you can schedule your social media posting if you do not know how to schedule Instagram posts, then this article will guide you. Instagram is a massive social media platform with millions of followers. It will become hectic for influencers to manage their posts regularly. So what you can do is the first plan out what you want to share with the world and then schedule your post on various timing.

There are many benefits to schedule the Instagram post. First, it will save a ton of your time and second, it does not require to post everything manually. Through this amazing feature, you can plan a lot of things and continue managing your Instagram profile with minimum efforts. Before we begin with the top methods to schedule Instagram post. Let’s first understand why it is important?

Why it is important to schedule Instagram Post?

There is a lot of competition on social media platforms. If you see properly a lot of influencers are posting their content regularly to keep their audience engaged. But how it works? Let’s say for example you are posting around and different images every day, and there is a specific time then you have the highest engagement ratio. How do you manage that without being present? This is where the question arises on how to schedule an Instagram post?

Through scheduling your post. You’re not only saving your time but your efforts also. During one time in a day or once in a week. You can plan what things are going to go online. On that basis, you can create various content and store them for future publishing. It is very simple to schedule the Instagram post. It will save a lot of effort for you to manually log in and start posting. Also, it is very convenient to schedule Instagram posts. Let’s say you have to post-fight photos a day, you can simply plan this in the morning. Using a good Instagram schedule you can set a specific day and time and the post will go live on its own. Facebook also has exactly the same feature where you can create various posts and store them in the draft. After having a date and time assigned the post goes live on its own. So there is nothing much to do all your effort requires a few hours of concentration and done.

You cannot only save your time but you can save your efforts on managing your Instagram profile. Providing fresh content every day is very crucial for both new and old accounts. But this can become a tiring job and if you’re managing multiple Instagram profile it can consume your hours. So when you schedule your Instagram post or when you know exactly how to schedule your Instagram post properly you can focus on various other projects.

How to schedule Instagram Post using tools?

Below we bring you the top five tools that can help you to schedule Instagram posts. These tools also come
with various other new features.

How to schedule Insta posts using Hootsuite?

Hootsuite isn’t a powerful social media management tool that works for Instagram. And for various other social media platforms. This means it is in a single tool with multipurpose usage. With the help of Hootsuite create simply manage your Instagram business profile and schedule post. It is extremely simple to use at the only requirement is, you will need a business Instagram profile. Don’t worry, you can convert your profile into business profile easily and then connected with Hootsuite and start scheduling all your content. Follow the steps below to use Hootsuite to schedule the Instagram profile.

  1. Go to your Instagram app and then go to the settings section.
  2. Tap on the account and shows the switch to a professional account.
  3. Select the business, and then continue to convert your regular account to a business account.
  4. The next thing you have to do is visit, and create an account.
  5. Now click on manage social networks, which is located in the profile section on the top right corner.
  6. Here select a private network, and then select add social network.
  7. Now choose to connect with Instagram and fill up your account details.

scheduling posts on instagram using Hootsuite

Your account is now connected with Hootsuite, now you can simply schedule your Instagram post and the tool will manage everything. To schedule Instagram posts, click on new posts and then select Instagram from the list. Upload the photo and video you want to share an Instagram, and then provide the caption. It can also offer hashtags, and @ as well as locations. Once you’re done review your post and then schedule it. You have to select the options schedule for later so that you can pick the right date and time. This is all you have to do to schedule your post on Instagram using Hootsuite.

How to schedule Insta posts using Buffer?

Buffer is another popular social media management tool. It allows you to manage up to 3 social media accounts and then post. This is for free there is no charge for it, but if you want to do more, you will need to go for a paid plan. There is a monthly subscription available. Similar to the above tool you have to connect your Instagram profile to the social media management tool. Once you’re done, you will allow the tool to access your Instagram account that means it can manage it. You have to create a post and then you can schedule it similar to the above tool.

scheduling posts on instagram using Buffer

Buffer has then very simple UI to manage Instagram or other social media accounts. After connecting the account. All you have to do is to create a post and provide the image or video you want to share. It has an add to queue button where you can provide all the details about its time of posting. Buffer also has a browser extension that can save your time in sharing a web page link or text. But this can be counted as an additional feature, the core aspect is to schedule your Instagram post.

How to schedule Instagram posts using Zoho Social?

Zoho Social offers a direct publishing platform for Instagram, Twitter, the Facebook page is and LinkedIn. There is every plan that allows you to manage multiple properties. Zoho Social allows you a flexible timing to create, schedule and post content as per your need. Most of the social media management tools work in a similar way where you just have to connect your social account and then create a post. You can set the date and time when the post goes live. Zoho Social works similarly, you can plan a complete week or a month of content on this platform.

scheduling posts on instagram using Zoho Social

Zoho Social comes with a full-fledged publishing calendar, this means it helps you to create your content pipeline and manage it with simple, they can drop space. It is a little advanced tool and works more effectively for those who want more organize social media management tools. Zoho Social is ideal for bulk publishing. You can simply cause your planned on social media posting if you want to change something.

How to schedule Insta post using Later?

Later is in a virtual social media management tool. It works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is a free platform that offers you easy Instagram post-management. You can plan your entire week’s Instagram content pipeline within an hour and schedule it. It has a visual content calendar that is extremely easy to use and offers a drag-and-drop feed. You can organize all your photos and videos on Later.

scheduling posts on instagram using Later

You can import your media anywhere and find the content you had shared. You can label them and switch between accounts. So here Later brings intuitive UI features on the desk. Later can also help you to create beautiful Instagram feed so that you can use your creativity to completely schedule Instagram posts.

Benefits of using a social media management tool to schedule an Instagram post?

The four tools provide a smooth experience for managing your Instagram post. It becomes fairly easy if you’re able to learn one of the things properly. There are many benefits of scheduling Instagram post. Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram has billions of active. It is simply not easy to capture attention. If you’re not posting your content regularly. So here by using a social media management tool, you can save a lot of time and affords.

The first primary benefit of scheduling Instagram post is saving time. This means if you’re working somewhere or if you are managing other projects begin using social media management tools and assign specific hours for Instagram. In this way, you will have to focus less any can do quality work. All other things will manage to buy the social media management tool. Once all the post is scheduled you will not have to worry anything, it just has to focus on creating the most creative content. In this way, you are free from sitting on your desk and posting content. Once it becomes a habit, you will see your life will be easier.

Social media management tools also make publishing easy. Here you can plan what do you want to share with your audience. It can be a challenging situation to think every day. What new to share. So here once you have your content pipeline ready, you can push it easily. You can manage your account easily without any help. Also, you get enough space to think about other things.

With the help of scheduling Instagram posts, your profile will look consistence. This means your followers will find a regular content flow on their feed. This is very important for grabbing more audience. Many social media management tools offer you creative post settings that you can use to enhance your content. Above all, it becomes easy and fast. You can also try BoostSocial’s Free Instagram Followers service to boost instagram profile.

When you post content regularly you also increase your chances of engagement. This means your post engagement ratio grows higher and higher compared to those who are posting on odd times. It is important to think smart and be ready for whatever is coming. This is where you can use a smart social media management tool to organize your social strategy. Your audience will be able to see more content regularly.

When you start scheduling your Instagram post ahead of time you will have an important space to think about captions, hashtags, etc. It isn’t a challenging task to pull out a good caption right on the spot when you are about to post something. But when you already have a plan ahead that you going to post between 5 to 8 you will be on a schedule. You have enough hours to think and all the content will be pre-planned. This is where social media management tools work the best. It helps you to create a balance between your content and also helps you to grab more engagement. Later you can analyze and find out how well you have to perform a week by posting a specific amount of content regularly. You can modify your strategy and get more and more active on social media.

Let’s Be Impactful Today

Now you know how to schedule Instagram posts, by default, there is no feature available in the app. But there are many third-party tools which will not only allow you to schedule Instagram post but can also manage other media profiles. This is simple and easy to learn and you get a lot of creative balance because of its advanced feature. It’s time to stop doing manual work and focus on smart work to plan your day ahead and outsmart your competitors.

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