How to Sell on Facebook

how to sell on facebook

Do you want to sell on one of the largest social media platforms? – Facebook.

You can start your store with minimum knowledge start selling the millions of Facebook users. Facebook has a marketplace where you can sell your products. It is very easy to set up and effective way to boost your sales. It is one of the fastest ways to reach more audience compile to an e-commerce website that requires money and effort. So all you have to do is to create a Facebook store, which is very much similar to a Facebook page. On this Facebook store page. You can start selling your product and expand your consumer base.

If you are completely new to Facebook’s store, then this blog is going to answer your every question associated with how to sell on Facebook. With over 2 billion active users Facebook is one of the massive platforms you cannot ignore. And thanks to Facebook’s shop functionality retailers or anyone can simply create a simple shop and start selling their product. It is one of the best ways to reach your potential consumer base. So if you have some good products and you’re worried about setting up an e-commerce store, then why not try a Facebook store. You can learn here how to sell on Facebook and sell your products to a broader audience around the globe.

There are two best ways to sell on Facebook, first using its Marketplace and second by linking your eCommerce website to the social media platform. Learn about both the options below in detail.

How to Sell on Facebook using Facebook Page?

You can create a dedicated Facebook Page to start your shop. This is extremely simple all you have to do is create a new page and select it as a Business or Brand. Add a category and describe your page properly. Once the page is ready you can add a Shop button on it and start selling right away on Facebook. With these three simple steps, you can start your store anytime you want. It is simple, fast and swift.

What is Facebook Marketplace and how it works?

You can use your Facebook profile to sell on Facebook Marketplace. This means you just need to use your account to start your online shop on this massive social media platform. It is extremely simple to set up and here, you’re going to learn the step-by-step process to start selling on Facebook. All you need is a proper profile and you can list your product. Isn’t this sound extremely simple?

sell on facebook

The Facebook audience is growing day by day and now it has become a massive community. People are highly active on Facebook and it is the best place to sell new products. Facebook has made lots simple for sellers to reach your potential audience and sell products. Facebook marketplace is one of the fastest ways to start listing your product you want to sell.

sell on facebook

Through the Facebook marketplace, you don’t require a costly website or a graphic designer to create amazing photos of your product. Just go to, and log in with your account. On the left side, you will see an option to sell something. By clicking on that you will have to select between an item for sale or house for sale or rent. To start selling you have to select the first option. Now you have to provide a proper description of the item you want to sell, the price, the location, and the category. After these provide the best photos of the products and click on next. Just follow the process and you will be able to see your product in the marketplace. It is one of the fastest ways to grab the audience in a local region. Your product will be displayed on the selected location to the nearby audience. They can connect you directly through Facebook, chat with you on messenger and buy the product. It is an easy, fast and effective way to promote your product to a wider range of consumer base.

Selling on Facebook through eCommerce Platform?

There are three different ways to use multiple e-commerce platforms to sell on Facebook. These three e-commerce platforms can simply connect with your Facebook store, which is a marketplace and you can sell your products directly. The benefit of using this e-commerce platform is a lot of them are ready to use the store. One of the best examples is Shopify. It is ready to use a store that is not required any development knowledge. Shopify is more like an online e-commerce software that you can use to build a store and connected with Facebook. Below is the top e-commerce platform you can use to sell your product on Facebook.

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How to sell on Facebook using Shopify?

Shopify is widely used by millions of users, and it offers you high-quality themes to make your store look great. Along with these Shopify also has hundreds of app that you can use to increase the functionality of your online store. This extremely easy to use and you can be connected with your Facebook store and start selling today. All you have to do is sign up for Shopify account and then use a free Facebook channel app on your Shopify store.

sell on facebook shopfiy

This app will help you to add a store on your Facebook business page. That means when somebody visits your Facebook page, they will also see a store button. When you click on that they will come on your Shopify online store and check out the entire product catalog. It is one of the fastest ways to set up your store with minimum effort needed. You can add products to your Facebook with one click using Shopify. You can also sell through Facebook messenger. You can add banners and change the number of columns of every product. You can also select what you want to sell on Facebook, which will be automatically imported from your Shopify store to the Facebook store.

To test you can try out Shopify 14 days free trial, so that you can test out all the features and then you have two subscribe for a paid account. Shopify isn’t a powerful e-commerce tool that can fulfill all your selling needs instantly.

How to sell on Facebook using BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is another ready to use online store that can help you to sell on Facebook. If you want to build your online store and focus on advertisement side-by-side then BigCommerce can be a valuable choice. This tool will allow you to create targeted Facebook advertisements so that you can capture new users and you can also track all your campaigns. There are tons of tools that you can use to build your store and you can also connect various other social media sites.

bigcommerce sell on fb

Setting up e-commerce and your Facebook store is simple. Similar to Shopify, you can also connect your online store to wait on e-commerce on the Facebook page. For this, you will need admin rights and an active e-commerce store. You can sign up for a 15-day trial and start your online store right now.

How to sell on Facebook using Squarespace?

Squarespace is another all-rounder tool for an online store. The benefit of using language that it is not just limited to, an e-commerce store, but you can also build high-quality websites on it. Along with building a website, it also offers you various e-commerce features to create your online store. With the help of high-quality designs, it is extremely easy to create the side of your dream. Along with this, you can easily integrate your website and store to various social media platforms. Squarespace also brings forms, surveys to the website to grab more data. It is an extremely useful tool, especially when you’re building something from scratch. Because in SquareSpace you can create email campaigns, you can sell unlimited products, you can add videos, images, etc. You can capture customers who left the checkout page and you can also build your mobile-optimized checkout page.

sell on facebook squarespace

Squarespace brings many different ways of connecting your social media account to a website. It is ideally good for users who want to go to the next level on targeting consumers and selling products. With its strong e-commerce features and stylish templates, you can engage your customers easier.

How to sell on Facebook using Wix?

Wix is another known platform a simple drag and drop way to start your eCommerce store online. You can also connect it with Facebook and draw your audience to view a broader product catalog. Wix brings a limited functionality but it is good to start if you do not have much to sell. Later once you can find out more and more new consumers are drawn to your website through Facebook you can then shift to a broader platform.

So now you are aware of multiple ways on how to sell on Facebook using various third-party services. If you want to go for a full-fledged online e-commerce store connected with Facebook, then the top three options are the best. A little bit of research is required to understand the functionality. Otherwise, the Facebook marketplace is one of the simplest ways. On the marketplace, you just have to upload photos and descriptions that you can do using your mobile phone. It is quick and fast.

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