How to Send and Save Gifs from Twitter

Send and Save Gifs from Twitter

Animated Gif is a widely shared format on Social Media sites like Twitter. Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A kind of compressed animated file Gifs is a really interesting way to share images and every social media site supports it. If you stumble upon some really interesting Gif and want to download or share it with your friends on Twitter then this guide is for you. If you want to know how to send gifs on Twitter or how to save gifs from Twitter then keep reading. Saving Gifs are easy on smartphones as well on PC, there are multiple ways to download GIF files and here we are going to learn everything about the same.

GIFs are interesting files, especially used for expressing something. For example your favorite celebrity expression of being happy or a cringe emotion. That is the reason it has become a very popular format for sharing emotions on the social media website. For example, if you find something which is funny, which is a kind of a compressed video format to share your expression? This is where sometime you will find an interesting GIF that you want to save and use it later or if you want to directly share that with your friends and other social media platform. For this, you will have to download the GIF file on your PC or mobile phone. Later you can use it anytime you want.

GIFS are constantly shared items on social media, and there are tons of interesting Gif files is shared in the form of memes, clips, etc. If you want to download one of those and unable to find a solution for this then check out the sections. This article is divided into multiple sections, first is how to download gif files on Smartphone and second how to download gif files on PC. So let’s begin.

How to find Twitter Post URL to Save Gif Files from Twitter?

Before we start the most important thing you will need is to find is the Twitter Post URL that has the gif file shared. Twitter post URL is nothing but the direct link of the tweet which is uploaded on the social media platform. Every website like Twitter, for example, Facebook or Instagram has a unique URL for the post shared. This Post can have text, images, video or a GIF file attached to it. With the help of this URL websites like can pick the content attached to them and provide you a free download. You must find the exact post URL, otherwise, you won’t be able to GIF file from Twitter. This is a common step you going to do, but downloading videos also, and for images, you just have to right-click on that and choose to save as. This feature was available for videos and Gif files, but now it has been removed. That is the reason we have to rely on third-party websites to save the files from Twitter.

Below you can find step by step details on how to find Twitter post URL. Usually, it is extremely easy to use and this step is common for Facebook. Instagram also. On Twitter, the issue is that you don’t get a direct post URL. You have to go all the way through the Embed tweet menu. In the completely new and different page sometime can be confusing.

Send and Save Gifs from Twitter

Visit the post which has the interesting GIF you want to download.

Next click on the small down arrow on the right top of the post, as shown in the image above.

Send and Save Gifs from Twitter

When you click on that, you will get an option to Embed Tweet. Click on it and it will take you to a new page. Scroll up for the Twitter post URL. This URL is important to download Videos, Gif files, etc from Twitter.

Once you have this you can follow the steps below to simply download Gif Files from Twitter. By default, Twitter oldest every GIF file in the form of MP4 file format. This means you can download it through many online websites like, twitter downloader, etc. these websites are free to use and offer you an instant solution to download online videos whether you are downloading it from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. So it is extremely simple to save the GIF files from Twitter. There are different methods mentioned below that you can use to download GIF files from Twitter on your PC, laptop or your smartphone. Everything works through a web browser features that have to provide the post URL where the GIF file is uploaded. I had already mentioned how to find the Twitter post URL that will be used for the download.

How to Save Gif Files from Twitter on an Android or iOS Smartphone

  1. Go to and past the Twitter post URL in the box. You can use any web browser for this.
  2. Click the down arrow right next to the box and download the MP4 file.

How to Save Gif Files from Twitter on a PC

  1. Go to and past the Twitter post URL in the box.
  2. Click the down arrow right next to the box and download the MP4 file.

Remember, this online site does not ask you to install any kind of third-party application or software to download the GIF file from Twitter. The only task is to find the post URL and use it for downloading GIF files. If you’re downloading it on your PC, then the file will be saved in the download folder. If you’re using Google Chrome just press Ctrl + J, to open the download folder and find your buying. If you’re using a smartphone like the android or iOS device, then you have to go on the download many of the web browsers to find the exact location of the downloaded file. You can also check in your gallery app where most of the downloaded data is stored.

Next, come how to send GIF files on Twitter using a PC or android phone. Well, it is an extremely simple process. It is the same as you tweet text content. Log in to your Twitter account and follow the steps below to send GIF files on Twitter.

How to Send Gifs File on Twitter from PC

  1. Log in to your Twitter account and then from the tweet box click on Image.
  2. Select the gif file you want to share and click on Tweet.
  3. The gif section on the post box also allows you to choose a gallery of free gif files.

How to Send Gifs File on Twitter from Smartphone

  1. Go to the twitter app and when you are composing your Tweet select the image.
  2. Select the gif files from the gallery and tap on Tweet.

So you can see the process to send a file on Twitter is extremely simple exactly similar to how you create a new tweet. In this way, you can share the image file, video file and GIF file with your followers. Twitter had made things very simple to share files across its platforms. If the file is large and you’re unable to upload then you can use a third-party file sharing service like Dropbox, Google drive, Firefox Send,, etc share your file. This is another way to share content on the social media platform.

Remember that today itself provides a gallery of reaching five videos that can use to express your emotions towards a post. Gifs are mostly simple animated image file which is highly compressed. They are like a smaller version of video files, which is not requiring any kind of media player. We work directly in a web browser. But today before format has become very common for video content. If you download any cheap file from Twitter. You will see that it will be downloaded in the form of a video file. That is because videos offer you better quality while Gifs are compressed.

Videos are getting very common compile to GIF files on the Internet today. We have the biggest media to share video files which is YouTube. No matter what your video file sizes whether a regular quality or HD video. You can just share it on the social media platform and with a simple link within posted on Twitter or Facebook. One of the biggest benefits of using this method is that when you use the YouTube URL for sharing. Twitter will automatically allow it to run inside a tweet box. This you had seen on Facebook. Also, so it is very simple to share high-quality video file can be anyone around the world using a social media platform.

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Remember not to download any kind of third-party services to download gif files because that does not work. Most of the time. There are free online websites like, that offer you all kind of features to download the various video file from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. So why to rely on any software. If we are having an option to downloaded through a web browser. There are tons of free browser extensions it also works in the same manner, allowing you to download video files from social media platforms.

It is necessary that many of this free website also has a malware problem. Inside to download GIF file. There are chances that you will see an unnecessary pop-up or free software installed on your PC or mobile phone. Avoid them at all costs, and use the blog feature of the web browsers to avoid unnecessary pop-ups. Trusted sources do not give you redirection. Instead, they will only serve ads which are a way of making money. So here you are completely safe and the file which is downloading is not having any issue, we had already mentioned your sales in this article to save GIF file from Twitter.

Below are a few more sources you can try out.


Other than to sites mentioned in this article. There are a few more that you can use exclusively for Twitter to save GIF files online. None of this website requires any kind of installation. Just visit the website and provide the Twitter post URL. Click the download button and you can save the file wherever you want. There are many services like this. But this is the one which we had tested and found that they are working very well. So here you can simply visit this website on your smartphone or your PC and download GIF file or video file retrieval your requirement.

Extremely important to understand that avoids any kind of installation. If you try to download you get any kind of.exe file or an apk file just deletes them. Our malware applications that can damage your system. Whenever you download a file. It should be in .mp4 format and easily playable through any media player like VLC on PC or experience on a mobile phone. Sometimes the default gallery also plays all kinds of videos. To verify it properly and avoid all kinds of installation. Also, there are many sides will advise you to download a free tool that can be used for converting a regular Gif file to a video format. This is a complete waste of time and nothing is going to work here. As I said that Twitter by default saves everything in the form of MP4 file format and whenever you save GIF file from the social media platform. It will be downloaded in the form of MP4. A very common video format that works almost every mobile phone and PC.

Even if you upload a GIF file on Twitter, it will be automatically converted into an MP4 format. However, if you want to download a lot of GIFs, then there is one website that can help you. Go to, it is one of the most popular websites for sharing GIF files. Downloading GIFs from is extremely simple. Just click on any Gif file and it will open up a new page, on the right. There are some links click on Media.

After clicking on media, you will see various links for downloading the GIF file in the form of a small video format or the form of MP4. Just open the link and the video will start playing in the web browser. Right-click on the video and click on save video as. With this solution, you can download many free GIF files from

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