What is Tiktok and Some Popular Facts

tiktok popular facts

Today everyone knows TikTok, and the number of users was daily uploading their videos online to get viral. If you want to know why Tik-Tok is so popular and what are some amazing facts about Tik-Tok then you are on the right page. They will share some of the top facts enough to raise eyebrows.

Tiktok is a highly popular social media platform that allows users to share a 15-second video on their mobile phones. It is being used widely in India and China along with different parts of the world. Tiktok also allows for adding different types of effects, filters, and background to make the music video amazing. On Tiktok, various users can contribute their content in spite of staying in different locations and they can collaborate with other users in the form of split-screen, which is called duet videos. The platform is highly addictive and is used by a lot of young population around the globe. Especially in India, you might have seen hundreds of Tiktok videos being shared every day. Many of them were viral through different social media platforms like YouTube.

Tiktok brings and unique platform for the various uses to create simple videos and get high-quality engagement. The short videos play a vital role in gathering users’ attention because it is less time-consuming. Also, users get the freedom to create the video the way they want and apply different filters or background on that to make them more attractive. This is why Tiktok is highly popular and getting more users day by day. If you’re not aware of Tiktok much or if you want to know some amazing facts about Tiktok, then we bring you a lot of information in this article.

Compared to other social media platform, Tiktok is different because it focuses more on vertical videos which many other platforms have been trying to do from longtime. For example, Snapchat a very close competitor of Tiktok had been trying to capture more users into video and the same goes for Instagram. But Tiktok here plays a very different role in capturing attention and it is a highly valuable start-up today. So let’s pick with some amazing backs on Tiktok and to learn more about what Tiktok is?

What is Tik-Tok?

What is Tiktok

Compared to other social media platform, Tiktok is different because it focuses more on vertical videos which many other platforms have been trying to do from longtime. For example, Snapchat a very close competitor of Tiktok had been trying to capture more users into video and the same goes for Instagram. But Tiktok here plays a very different role in capturing attention and it is a highly valuable start-up today.

Are Tiktok and Music.ly are different?

Tiktok and Musical.ly are two different platforms but with some similarities. If you’re confused between these two then here you can find the real difference. Tiktok offers the same kind of short video form, where users can upload some attractive content and apply amazing backgrounds reflects. Compared to this Musical.ly focuses more on lips sync. This is the real difference between these two platforms, it on Tiktok, you can do more compared to only lip-syncing a song.

tiktok vs musically

Tiktok is broader in terms of making videos, it allows users to create videos media statically like comedy, fashion, dance, dialogues, etc. Users can make your video more engaging. By applying special effects and filters. This is where you don’t need any special video editing tool, with the right execution videos that can be highly engaging and it also allows the user to on money in the form of Flash.

Users can create videos directly using a smartphone, which is far easier today. Because of buying its speed available. This is where Tiktok’s becomes more popular it has been attracting a lot of young audiences. Tiktok also that users do not spend too much time on creating videos and focus on the right post. For this app added a digital alert that will notify users every two hours.

It is right to say that Tiktok is a highly popular video-sharing social network platform and it creates engagement in the form of challenges, magic tricks, funny videos and more. A lot of users on Tiktok. Take the challenges and challenges in users to participate. So in simple terms, both are similar birth Tiktok is broader in terms of video creation and features it provides to its users.

What Made Tik-Tok So Popular?

If you’re not aware of Tik-Tok’s history and how it got popular and we have some amazing facts for you. Since the launch of Tik-Tok, it is getting popular at a very high rate. It was first called as Douyin and it was launched by ByteDance in China in 2016. Within the first year of launch, Doyin gathered around 100 million users and it was having more than 1 billion video views every day. It also ranked first against the free mobile app in the App Store during the initial years. Tik-Tok was downloaded around 800 million times worldwide, according to a mobile research firm.

tiktok jimmy fallen

Tik-Tok also received celebrity endorsement and exclusive sports coverage because of reach the app got popular instantly. One of the names was Jimmy Fallon, who later joined Tik-Tok. A lot of celebrity endorsement made Tik-Tok highly popular app. In your 2017 Tik-Tok was apparent company and ByteDance invested $ 1 billion to buy Musical.ly. Tik-Tok later merged with musical.ly in the year 2019 and turned out to be the biggest social media platform, allowing users to create polls lip-sync and comedy videos. Tik-Tok now is available in more than a hundred 50 markets around the world with over 75 different languages.

This book has already won the crown of the most downloaded app on the Apple iOS platform. Celebrity endorsement is one of the key reasons for Tik-Tok to get popularity among the local audience. Jimmy Fallon’s challenge gathers more than 8000 entries and around 10 million engagements within one week. This created a trend on Tik-Tok to attract new users with new challenges. With days Tik-Tok also has celebrity partnerships in various.

This is one of the key aspects of Tik-Tok, popularity. Now comes the second most important thing that made this app a billion-dollar company. Tik-Tok exclusively offers localized content which is another key aspect to drive users of various regions. Local is content deals with local music, dialogues, regional languages, and more. This is where users from the various region can get easy engagement, they can participate in various challenges and taking share your local trends with localized hashtags. Tik-Tok also runs various contest in different countries. Top video creators earn reward and gain the recognition that increases your followers count. Now you can understand what may take Tik-Tok so popular in the various region through celebrating an engagement, Tik-Tok can capture new users and through localized content. It becomes a lovable platform for content creators.

Most Amazing Facts of Tik-Tok:

Now we will dive into some of the most amazing facts about Tik-Tok. You will be shocked to know how popular Tik-Tok is how popular it is getting day by day. This is the kind of app that is used by these years users around the world in their localize content. This makes Tik-Tok a unique app and a platform to get engagement. A lot of content creators on Tik-Tok are earning well, and some of them are also able to make their way into mainstream media. So if you’re one of those who were trying to become popular Tik-Tok, then you have to learn these facts which will boost your confidence.

Tiktok facts

  1. Tik-Tok is one of the most downloaded apps on Apple App Store in the year 2018 reaching a purple Spotify millions download on iOS platform.
  2. It took around 200 days to develop the original version of Tik-Tok, which was Douyin. In the first year of launch, Tik-Tok reached 1 million views per day.
  3. In the year 2018 Tik-Tok rank sixth in the list of most downloaded on both Apple App Store and on android apps store, which is Google play.
  4. Users in more than 154 countries are using the Tik-Tok app right now. Just imagine the reach the social media platform has today.
  5. Tik-Tok has around 20 million active users in India, which consist of a lot of young population. Tik-Tok is very popular in Asian countries compared to other regions of the world.
  6. In China alone, Tik-Tok has around 115 million active users, which has already exceeded. Global active users of Tik-Tok has reached 500 million.
  7. Tik-Tok is among the top 10 apps in the Apple App Store in the first half of 2018, beating PUBG, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram Tik-Tok, etc.
  8. In November 2018, Tik-Tok was downloaded over 2.7 8 million on Google place to and achieve the first rank on the android platform.
  9. Tik-Tok is available in 75 different languages, and as a rough estimate, Bytedance acquired Tik-Tok between $ 800 million-$ 1 billion.
  10. Tik-Tok has been installed over 800 million times on various devices. Tik-Tok is approximately $ 1 million every month and 40 personal genuine from America.
  11. Around 80% of android devices have Tik-Tok app, and there are approximately 28% of people use every day.
  12. More than 40% of Tik-Tok users are between the reach of 16 to 24. This represents that Tik-Tok has the highest amount of young population.

Tik-Tok brings a simplified platform to create video and to share it with various users. The video creating and sharing platform is something unique that key users a simple way to create their content and share it globally. It has now become a daily routine for many users to create content and share with others. Because of a short format and a simple video greeting process, it takes minimum effort to upload videos on Tik-Tok. Also uses does not need any specialized tools to add special effects, music, backgrounds, etc. Everything is added into the app itself, all they need is a Smartphone with a camera to create videos.

Users were using Tik-Tok day love to watch videos, it seems that trying to search for interesting videos. Tik-Tok sought videos into different hashtags and categories, which allow users to land on something interesting. Tik-Tok also is very fast, easy-to-use, offering users a quick platform of entertainment. It is highly addictive and because of a responsive audience. It has become a favorite platform for many video content creators. Compared to YouTube, Tik-Tok is capable enough to rule the mobile platform at a very high rate. Right now no app can be Tik-Tok in terms of video creation and video sharing with monetization. Because of short videos, users love to watch them compared to long videos or short movies.

It is right to say today that the Tik-Tok platform to make videos viral, a lot of users have gained good reputations because of short videos posted on Tik-Tok. Celebrity endorsement had also played a vital role in getting more attraction, but what matters the most is the app is designed in a way where it is very easy for end-users to create and share videos. Above all localize content also give users from the various region the power to create the best amazing videos and share their creativity. A lot of users are using Tik-Tok as a platform to earn money or a brand endorsement. With these Tik-Tok officially also promotes and shares popular videos on their social channels.

To capture the world’s creativity, Tik-Tok has become an ideal platform for teenagers, artiste, musicians, etc. It is being a very popular platform since its launch and still today it has no competition. If you’re planning to become popular on Tik-Tok then you must know all these facts and understand your target audience. Tik-Tok is massive today and because of its popularity a lot of new users signing up each day. Tik-Tok is using a lot of innovative ways to keep the trend alive. Because of its highly addictive nature, it has become one of the biggest choices of the young audience and young performers. They’re able to use the inbuilt tools to create amazing videos and share them with the world.

Competition is high today, but if you are smart enough to understand how the platform works it’s sort of major problem of where to focus and how to begin?

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